Anniversary – A celebration of love and togetherness

Anniversary Flowers

Flowers have the power to make every occasion special. Hence they are an integral part of human culture. They can cure depression and uplift one’s mood with their mesmerising beauty and fragrance. Flowers are one of the most popular gift options for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays etc. People of each and every age group love flowers. Historical evidences suggest that flowers were used invariably in daily life even during the age of cavemen.

Flowers for various occasions
During the Victorian era in ancient England, some rules were formed regarding the gifting of flowers .A beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers consisting of roses, sunflowers and lilies was supposed to be gifted on a birthday. It was the custom to gift a bunch of sunx flowers to a sick person as the bright colour of this flower could cheer him up. A colourful bouquet of roses was considered as the perfect anniversary gift for a couple. Birth of a child was generally celebrated with a big bouquet of pink roses. Red Roses were reserved for Valentine’s day or to gift a beloved to convey feelings of love and romance. Lilies and roses together were given during Christmas.

Flowers for Anniversaries
Anniversary is that wonderful day of the year when couples usually host parties by inviting their near and dear ones. Some couples like to gift each other with a bouquet to express feelings with flowers on this special day. While gifting their beloved, it is important for couples to know about the flowers to be given for each year of anniversary.

Carnation is the flower associated with young love .Hence it is the preferred choice of gift for the first anniversary after marriage. Cosmos a flower associated with sublime beauty should be gifted on the second anniversary. A lovely bouquet of sunflowers is what makes a third anniversary special. A vibrant bouquet of germaniums can make the fourth anniversary exciting for a couple. A gorgeous bouquet of daisies represents fidelity, hope and love which is symbolic of the fifth year of marriage. A bunch of daffodils should be given as a gift on the tenth year of marriage according to tradition. Fifteen years of marriage is usually celebrated with a fabulous bouquet of red roses as red roses are symbolic of long lasting romance. Two decades of life spent with a partner is truly special and hence the flower aster is gifted to celebrate this milestone. Royal iris flower is the apt gift for 25th anniversary. Couples who are lucky enough to celebrate their 50th anniversary should gift their partners a lovely bouquet comprising of violets and yellow roses. They depict the complementary nature of couples which is essential for a long and successful married life.

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